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February 3rd, 2009

ORD Camp a Huge Success

I was luck enough to be invited to attend ORD Camp this last weekend in blisteringly cold Chicago.  ORD Camp is an invite only, FooCamp style unconference targeted at geeks living in the Midwest. Having never attended a FooCamp style event I wasn't sure what to expect.  I can now say if you ever have the opportunity to attend an event like this it is well worth your time.

As you can see ...

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December 29th, 2008 Launches

I hope everyone had a great holiday this year.  For the past few months I've been working on an online resume site and I need your help taking it for a test drive.  Our goal with this site is to create a site where you can upload your current resume in Word form, build a new resume using our online resume creation tool, or even just type in what you ...

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September 16th, 2008

Why isn't PostgreSQL using my index?

This is a common question I see from PostgreSQL users.  In fact, someone was just in IRC asking it and it prompted this post.  The exchange usually goes:

Steve: I have this column foo and I have an index on it, but when I do SELECT * FROM table WHERE foo = X, EXPLAIN doesn't use the index.  What am I doing wrong?

90% of the time the answer is unfortunately "Because the ...

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August 20th, 2008

Fret Free -- Introduction to Django and the Django Software Foundation

LinuxPro Magazine just released my latest article, an introduction to Django and some discussion about the newly created Django Software Foundation. Being a life long Perl user, I didn't think I would enjoy Django at all. I have to admit that it is a VERY polished system.  It has great PostgreSQL support, in fact the core developers smartly prefer it over MySQL for their own systems.

You can download a PDF copy of ...

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June 17th, 2008

Installing Apache2::Request on a 64-bit system

I usually shy away from using 64-bit systems unless there is a clear need for it.  But with more and more hosting companies installing 64-but Linux distrobutions by default I sometimes have to suffer through.

Today I ran into a very small bug in installing Apache2::Request modules via the CPAN shell.  This simply installs the default libapreq2 library with the Perl bindings for you. When attempting to start Apache I received this ...

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