PostgreSQL Performance Tuning

While there are various PostgreSQL performance tuning guides and related documenation online it can still be challenging to get the most out of your database server. The knowledge necessary for proper tuning only comes with years of experience using PostgreSQL in a variety of applications and environments. Revolution Systems offers three different levels of performance tuning:

Service Description Price Range
Basic Tuning

This introductory tuning service is adequate for most organizations needs. Included is recommendations for configuration options based on the database usage patterns and hardware configuration recommendations for future server purchases.

Application Tuning

This level of tuning goes deeper into the system and specially tunes your PostgreSQL installation for the particular application you are using. This includes the Basic Tuning services along with analysis of your operating system settings that can impact your performance and tuning of specific SQL queries.

$2,500 - $10,000
Enterprise Tuning

Need extraordinary speed? This level of tuning is for organizations that need every last bit of performance they can receive. Included are both the Basic Tuning and Application Tuning services. Also included is a more in depth study of your system to explore different tuning scenarios for maximum performance.

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Please contact us for specific pricing quote or if you have any questions about these performance tuning services. Note that all prices are listed in United States Dollars.

For more information on performance tuning your PostgreSQL server please see our article Performance Tuning PostgreSQL or our blog where we discuss various PostgreSQL tips and tricks.