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Revolution Systems' primary focus is building and maintaining customized web applications, consulting, and technical support for a variety of Open Source technologies. Our core expertise lies in Python, Django, PostgreSQL, devops and performance/scaling-related consulting. For a complete list of services please visit the services page.

Software and the various levels of support needed to run a business in today's world do not need to be expensive to acquire, maintain and customize. Revolution Systems works with companies to reduce their costs and make their systems simpler to understand and use. This is done exclusively using Open Source software and calling on the help of external subject matter experts as needed.

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Revolution Systems, LLC., based in Lawrence, Kansas, was formed in 2002 by Frank Wiles to help businesses benefit from Open Source Software. While many large organizations use Open Source software internally (sometimes without their knowledge), he realized that many organizations did not know how to properly take advantage of this revolutionary type of software.

Jacob Kaplan-Moss joined in 2009, bringing his expertise as lead developer of Django into the mix.

Since then we've added several other top Django developers. Meet all of our team members