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Spectrum was built to give developers better tools to consume logs. Operations staff have great tools for searching and filtering logs in production, but developers are forced to simply tail log files of text.

Spectrum's local desktop app frees your developers to generate verbose logs without getting lost in a sea of noise. Allowing them to show or hide exactly what they want, exactly when they want it.

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Well tested code is awesome code, however writing Django tests isn't very awesome. django-test-plus gives you several very useful additions to Django's default TestCase to help make writing tests less of a chore.


Efficiently create bi-directional (Facebook style) friendship relationships as well as follower/following (Twitter style) relationships. Smart caching and signals makes it easy to extend for your particular needs.


Capture server side metrics easily and store the results in many different backends such as Redis, Mixpanel, Librato, and/or your database.


Gather interested users email address information while in beta.


Manage Terms Of Service changes and ensure your users have agreed when your terms change. Will only prompt them once the next time they return to your site.


Typical FAQ Q&A models with ability to group into topics.