What you don't know can hurt you, so we offer expert Django training, commercial support, consulting and development services. Our unparalleled insight and understanding of Django makes us the best provider for the support you'll need to make application writing fast and easy.

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Infrastructure / Deployment

Our experience places us in a position to do more for you than handle infrastructure scaling, performance and deployment. We're always available to handle maintenance and updates while continuing to work with your people. More than a resource, we're the source for software development, system administration and Open Source software support.

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Because PostgreSQL is the world's most advanced Open Source SQL database system, you need to be sure about who you trust for performance tuning and support. No one's more qualified to show you how to maximize your database server and take full advantage of this exceptional and affordable system.

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Our Featured Product: Created for Devs by Devs logo

Hosted IRC and so much more

Get your own private IRC server in minutes, plus additional features.

30-days free trial. No credit card required.

Why Grove is Better

  • Archived and Searchable Chat Logs
  • Works with your Favorite IRC Client
  • Beautiful Web Client
  • Integrations with GitHub, Bitbucket, Heroku and more
  • Private messages, notifications, SSL…

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Featured Blog Posts

Improved Django Tests

You write tests. Or at least you should be writing tests! A Jacob always says, "Code without tests is broken as designed".

Unfortunately you have to write a ton of boilerplate code to test even the simplest of things. This ...

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