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June 17th, 2008

Django Software Foundation

The Django guys have scored another milestone today with the creation of the Django Software Foundation. Being a huge Open Source advocate I love hearing great news like this.  You can read more about the foundation at:

On an unrelated note, an article I wrote for LinuxPro Magazine last November about using Perlbal was recently put online.  You can read it at The Juggler ...

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May 16th, 2008

Test Driven Development and Getting Things Done

I'm sure someone, somewhere, has already determined this.  It's probably been blogged about before, but I just realized something today.  Test driven development dovetails nicely with David Allen's time management book Getting Things Done.  By creating your tests first, with or without even marking them as TODO tests, builds you a TODO list of sorts for your project.

Other than just being a different way of doing things, I ...

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March 11th, 2008

Want to be a better manager?

I've been reading a great book recently titled First, Break All the Rules: What the World's Greatest Managers Do Differently. I highly recommend it for anyone who manages employees, but it makes two great points early on that are especially appropriate for technology managers:

Treat your Employees Differently

You should treat your employees differently.  Each has unique strengths, weaknesses, and differ in the way they learn and you should capitalize on that ...

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February 29th, 2008

Building mongrel on Solaris

I keep running into this same situation, so I figured I would write a post for everyone's benefit.  When trying to build recent mongrels or some other gem dependencies such as fastthread on a Solaris system the automatically generated Makefile is all sorts of messed up. 

This testing was done on two different Joyent Accelerators, your milelage may vary on other Solaris installations.

The steps are pretty easy:
1. Attempt to install ...

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February 4th, 2008

PostgreSQL version 8.3 Released

I just got word that version 8.3 of PostgreSQL has been released.  Along with the usual amount of improvements there are some new features in 8.3 that should be of interest to PostgreSQL admins and developers such as:

  • Integrated TSearch
  • ENUM and UUID data types
  • Faster sorting technique used for LIMIT operations
  • Faster LIKE and ILIKE operations
  • Lazy XID assignment which will make many read only operations much faster

Check out the ...

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