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Everyone knows the best gifts are hand made. This holiday season we wanted to give everyone the gift of performance. Each day between December 13th, 2014 and Christmas Day we will release another useful tip from our truly Santa sized bag of tricks.

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Our elves have been busy hand crafting these holiday gifts, so please check back to see what they have made for you. It wouldn't be fun if we gave away all the surprises, but the topics will include:

  • Python and Django
  • Finding Slowness
  • Frontend Web Performance
  • Linux Server Tuning Tips
  • The Development Process

It's quite possible that you will know some or even many of these tips already, but unlikely that you won't learn at least something useful. We're constantly surprised by the number of geeks out there who aren't aware of a particular tip or trick, despite a wealth of tribal and online information.

If you don't personally celebrate Christmas, that's ok! You can still play along and instead think in terms of Festivus. Consider these our airing of grievances for not using these tips to make the Internet a better and faster place. Sadly we have likely had too much egg nog so there will be no feats of strength. We also couldn't find an attractive image of a Festivus Pole. Sorry!

Read Day - 1 Front End Performance now

We hope you find this tips useful. Keeping in the holiday spirit, if you want to pay it forward for our elves hard work, please consider making a donation to one of these worthy causes: