Reasons to Choose REVSYS

Here are some quotes from current and former customers.

“I have worked with REVSYS multiple times. My last project, a large scale financial wellness platform, had Frank, Lacey and others working on all aspects of the system. They worked with us to build out a scalable microservice architecture in AWS, and tackled some complex application design in a B2B2C environment. Beyond the technical expertise, the REVSYS folks easily integrated themselves into our teams. We truly enjoy working with them.”

PK Shiu - VP of Technology, Innovation eMoney Advisor

“REVSYS has been with us from the start, and we are all wiser for the experience. They have been instrumental to our growth and critical in navigating some hairy technical challenges along the way. They have helped accelerate the team's adoption of the tools that make our backend and infrastructure what it is today. Thank you for your service, and I am forever grateful for the time spent with Tilt. We truly could not have done it without you. - Royce Haynes, CTO Tilt”

Royce Haynes, CTO Tilt

“Not only does Frank know how to squeeze every last bit of performance out of PostgreSQL and Linux -- he is happy to explain his tuning methods in plain English. Working with Frank not only makes your infrastructure better, it makes your people smarter. He was a great help setting up our infrastructure. Highly recommended.”

Adrian Holovaty, Founder of Everyblock.com, Soundslice, and one of the creators of Django

“Frank at REVSYS provided us with excellent advice to help optimize our Django based app, which resulted in an impressive improvement in performance. Code-tuning recommendations came in an easy to digest format with ‘biggest bang for buck’ changes clearly marked. Recommend.”

O Freke, Channel 5 Broadcasting Ltd

“REVSYS was able to deliver on a short time line when we needed some tuning done on our production database. Their analysis was clearly broken out in to short term, low-risk and long-term recommendations, and the instructions were straightforward and easy to follow. The results have proven to be exactly what we needed.”

Greg Dotson, CTO, www.blurb.com

“I greatly appreciate your professionalism, the depth at which you went in your review, and the detailed report you produced. There is a reason you have a successful company!”

Mike Dove, Co-Founder & President of Cloud Parity

“Working with both Frank and Jacob was pleasure. They were quick to respond to our needs, attentive to the details, and offered terrific support and knowledge sharing throughout the project. Knowing they are both leaders in their fields made collaborating with them to meet our requirements and trusting their ideas and creative solutions that much more easy. They are both really good guys to boot as well. I'd work with them again in a second.”

Kevin Fricovsky, Chief Architect of Web Strategy and Development, Broadway.com

“Have to hand it to Jeff and Frank at RevSys. It's their solid Django experience that lets me travel and go off the grid while they monitor a heavily used site with dozens of servers. Downtime hits and they are on it. They've also pulled off miracles when scaling led to Postgres performance problems. Wonderful working with them and I hope to continue to for years.”

Sam Clay, Founder NewsBlur

“RevSys and Frank Wiles have allowed The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania get off to an excellent start with our new language / framework of choice, Python / Django. He has trained us in best practices, went the extra mile with recommendations and even hopping into our code and configuration. We can’t recommend RevSys highly enough.”

Timothy Allen, IT Director, Advanced Initiatives The Wharton School

“It's such a great pleasure working with doubleplussmart people (for instance @fwiles)”

David Ryan from Twitter

“ I've referred several clients and prospective clients to Frank. All of them have reported that Frank was a consummate professional and did excellent work in a timely fashion. I would not hesitate to recommend Frank in the future.”

Hal Pomeranz, Consultant, Deer Run Associates

“Jacob was instrumental in helping Nasuni take our Django application from design to deployment and helping us automate and scale out our service.”

Rob Mason, President & Founder Nasuni Corporation

“When we made the decision to standardize on Django and needed help jump starting a team coming from diverse backgrounds, we looked for the best in the field; we called RevSys. Jacob was a pleasure to work with both on the front end of the engagement as we planned it all the way through the week of onsite training and followup. I could not have been more impressed with his knowledge or his ability to impart it to our team. He is a complete professional with an honest direct approach. He puts a lot into his work and it shows. Years later, I am proud to say we have one of the best Django teams in the U.S.A.”

Darrell Golliher, Senior Director Technology, Cox Media Group Digital & Strategy

“Jacob Burch has been awesome, he has gone above and beyond on more then one occasion, and deserves a big raise :)”

Ken Cochrane CashStar.com

@fwiles's talk on #pgsql at #djangocon was worth the conference costs on its own”

@veldtca from Twitter

“Revolution Systems' catchphrase could be, 'Keeping customers safe from themselves since 2002.'”

Graham Ullrich awarnys.com

“ I almost hate to tell people about Frank and Revolution Systems, because I'd love nothing more than to keep him all for myself. Frank is extremely knowledgeable, but just as important, he's reliable too. Unlike other 'techies' who have a habit of disappearing on you when you need them most, I know I can always count on Frank.”

Patrick Kennedy, FM Media, Inc.

“We had @fwiles for training this week. The guy knows his stuff cold. Python / Django noobs were going all "OMG!" by the end of the week.”

Tim Allen - IT Director, Advanced Initiatives - The Wharton School from Twitter

“ I value and trust Frank's opinion on open source technology and to be a resource for ideas on projects and networking. I would not hesitate to introduce him to a client knowing full well they would be in good hands. If your projects touch on any area of his expertise you need Frank on the team.”

David White, TechLink Employment Specialists

“Frank is, quite simply, the best of the best in the systems world. His knowledge of how servers work is second to none, and he has proven a tireless resource on virtually every technical subject as we built ResumeBucket.

He particularly excels in the server optimization/performance areas, at which I truly believe he is second to none (and being in the recruiting AND development business, I have met a lot).

Frank also excels in just overall business sense and finding the best way to do things. His personal drive and ambition for knowledge gives him the equivalent of 5 MBAs - I'm not kidding. He's an invaluable member of our team and I enjoy working with him immensely.”

Ted Hekman, Co-Founder www.resumebucket.com

“Everyone here has a little inner voice that tells them, “what would Flavio think?” or “Flavio is not going to like this"”

Colin Salomons — SendOutCards