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REVSYS can help you develop custom apps that use Open Source technology.

Are you currently running your business on a couple of spreadsheets and Word documents? Do you want to significantly improve your business operations? Want to reduce employee errors while increasing their efficiency? Need to link two of your existing legacy systems? You need an application customized to fit your business.

REVSYS specializes in developing custom applications using Open Source technologies. By using Open Source technologies, we build custom applications for a fraction of the cost other firms can offer.

Consultants and development firms that utilize traditional proprietary software for the building blocks of your custom application have significant up-front costs. A traditional web based application using Oracle™ and Java, for example, can have start-up costs of a few thousand dollars, before they even begin writing your application.

By using Open Source software we are able to charge you only for what you need, our time and experience to build the application. Also, by using the Python programming language and the Django web framework, we are able to deliver solutions at a rate 5 to 10 times faster than a solutions written in less agile langauges such as Java or .NET with the same or better performance.

Areas of Greatest Experience

  • browser based applications
  • dynamic database-driven web sites
  • Content Management Solutions
  • data migration and manipulation tools
  • process automation tools
  • scheduling and calendar management
  • work flow management systems
  • e-commerce applications
  • accounting and billing systems
  • middleware to connect two disconnected systems
  • database design and performance tuning
  • reporting and analysis tools
  • Unix/Linux service provisioning and automation systems

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