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The Wharton School

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A few years back Wharton decided to standardize on Python and Django for all of their development. They chose REVSYS to train their staff and help with the transition.

We still work with them often on new and interesting projects to this day.

Rue La La

Fashion And Fast!

How do you sell a few items to possibly thousands of anxious shoppers and have real time inventory numbers for your staff and customers?
When Rue wanted to switch to Django we helped them with just that problem.


Finding the Problem

Scaling is hard. Scaling a complex write heavy API for millions of IoT devices is even harder. We worked with Automatic to improve the performance of their Django REST Framework API.


We're your ticket...

Directly after launching a brand new Django site Broadway buckled under their load. We were able to jump in quickly, identify and fix the problem, in a matter of hours.

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