Tidbits | March 30, 2009

Some quick updates

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It's been a busy and exciting week for us. Jacob has been at PyCon in Chicago where he is participating in a number of panel discussions and giving quite a few talks as well. Right now I imagine he's neck deep in code in the Django sprint helping to finish up the upcoming 1.1 release. If you're running a production site built with Django you should absolutely check out the talk he is giving with James Bennett on Real World Django.

While my week has been busy hacking away on several client projects and moving my main work machine to a shiny new MacBook Pro (can't recommend these highly enough), I was interviewed by Daniel Dern of Business Trends Quarterly in his post about scaling and performance titled For Scaling, Brains May Beat Brawn. We talk about how just throwing more money and hardware at a problem is not always the best solution. Often there are architectural, design, and/or configuration changes that can bring significant cost savings to your project. Both in terms of the hardware necessary to keep everything flowing, but also in on going system maintenance labor costs. I'm not talking about pre-optimization evils or complicating things for your admin, often these changes are transparent to day to day operations, but certainly not to your bottom line. For example, just using the proper RAID levels and physical disk configurations for your particular PostgreSQL database can be a huge win in performance.

I also added a tidbit of wisdom in an advice post to budding entrepreneurs called 163 Ways How To Become An Entrepreneur.

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