Flavio Curella

Flavio wrote his first computer program at the age of six, to help his mom organize her recipes. He received his Master’s in Communication Design at the Politecnico di Milano before moving to the United States in 2010 to be with his wife. Flavio has been working with Django for the past 7 years.

He worked as web developer at a graphic design company in Italy before freelancing for different graphic designers. He developed websites alongside them working both at the frontend and at the backend. He later joined StoryMarket and Mediaphormedia. Flavio joined Revolution Systems in 2013.

Because of his dualistic competencies (both in design and development) he shares both designers’ concerns and priorities about the project and programmers’ vision of a clean and functional code base. He’s constantly searching for innovative ways to integrate knowledge and techniques from both worlds in an effort to create something new.

He has a passion for boats, barbecue, and electronics

Flavio's Recent Posts

Slugs as primary keys

A very common pattern in a Django Project is to have some kind of 'model-type' relationship, where you have some kind of object that can only belong to one of the types defined in the database.

Sentinel values in Python

It is often necessary to differentiate between an argument that has not been provided, and an argument provided with the value `None`. For that purpose, we create what's called a 'sentinel value'.

Caching uuid's for the win!

More and more often, we see schema designs that use UUIDs as primary keys. That's a valid choice if you're concerned about sharding and partitioning your database, but it has its own drawbacks, sometimes in unexpected places.