Kojo Idrissa

I'm Kojo Idrissa and I joined RevSys on 2020-01-06. I also enjoy a good international standard. I'm a software engineer with an accounting degree and an MBA. You may have seen me at a Django or Python event or conference, as I've been speaking at those since 2013. In the past, I have worked primarily as an accountant. However, I've also been a university instructor in the United States and China.

I'm also a DjangoCon US organizer(since 2016), former DEFNA board member and current DEFNA North American Ambassador. In THAT last role, I've spoken at a lot of conferences. If you've seen me at an event with "Py" or "Python" in the name since 2017, that's a big part of the reason.

More bio updates forthcoming...

Kojo's Recent Posts

Formatting Gone Wrong

Your code formatter may have reformatted your API key. This could cause many confusing errors.

Website vs Web App: Hidden Complexities

Most of what are called `websites` today are `web apps`. These are computer applications that use the web as their delivery method and GUI. However, since they look like websites, their complexity and design challenges are often underestimated.

Kojo's Latest Talks

Keynote: Improving Contributor Experience & Broadening Contributor Scope

Given at DjangoCon Europe 2022 on September 21, 2022

I'll be proposing a new category of code contributor I'm calling "Code Contributor Mentor", and also enumerating the need to recognize, recruit & support non-code contributors. As a largely volunteer-driven community, the Django code base and community rely on their contributors. In this talk I'…

Python Community Growth

Given at PyTexas 2022 on March 26, 2022

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