Technical Article | Oct 20, 2011

PEP712 - Proposal to make unittest2 more accurate

by Frank Wiles
Title:Proposal to make unittest2 more accurate
Last-Modified:2011-10-20T14:40:01.661119 (Thu, 20 Oct 2011)
Authors:Frank Wiles <>, Jacob Kaplan-Moss <>, Jeff Triplett <>


This PEP describes a proposal to make unittest2 output more accurate and fun.

The Proposed Solution

Upon having more than 7 failing tests in a test run replace all 'F' character output with 'U's for the remainder of the test run.


This output formatting more accurately describes the mental state of the developer.


Ran 25 tests in 3.14159s
FAILED (failures=19)

Optional Add-On

Replace next passing test after 19 failures with 'CK'.

Reference Implementations




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