Compliance is important to your online business

Keeping Django up to date is important for security and compliance. Let us do it so your team can stay focused on your business.

Django Upgrade Package Features

Let us spruce up your codebase twice a year!


It is not just for the safety of your data and users, it can land you in legal trouble if you fall out of compliance.


Your code might be susceptible to bugs you are not even aware exist.

Keep your team focused

Lets your team can stay focused on your unique business needs and avoid maintenance work.

Ease Longterm Maintenance

It is far easier to keep pace with Django than play catch up later.


Newer versions of Django often have better performance. Take advantage of it!

New Features

Exciting new features are added to Django with every release.

Developer Experience

Working with older tools can hurt your team's motivation and lead to slower development velocity.


Stop being ashamed of how behind you are when talking with customers, colleagues, and prospective hires.

The Wharton School

We can't recommend REVSYS highly enough.

Timothy Allen
Principal Engineer, The Wharton School

Frequently asked questions

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How often will we get updated?
We will update your application code base twice per year to the latest version.
How much does it cost?
The Django Upgrade package starts at $20,000 USD per year depending on the current state and complexity of your code base.
Do you also update the third party dependencies?
YES! We will update all of the third party Django packages you may be using as appropriate.
How do you ensure you don't breaking things?
In a word, tests. Don't worry, if you currently don't have any automated tests we can help add tests to your Django project.
What if our code is REALLY old and out of date?
No problem! We'll quote you an initial one time upgrade project to get you up to date and then keep you there going forward.

Image what your team could accomplish without the burden of maintenance

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Help from Django Experts

We’re here to help

We've been helping companies upgrade their Django applications for over 15 years. Let our expert staff take your maintenance tasks off your plate.