Systems Administration

Let us help you configure a new system, set up an Open Source app, or just refine your current setup.

Systems Administration

Need help designing or configuring a new system? Having trouble getting one particular Open Source application to work correctly? Maybe you just need the experience of a seasoned sysadmin to performance tune your current setup? REVSYS can help.

Because we specialize in scaling and performance, being experts at systems administration comes with the territory. See our Infrastructure and Ops page for more details on how we can help the apps you've developed sing.

Effective ops is both a science and an art. REVSYS uses our years of experience designing, tuning, and running a multitude of different types of systems to help resolve your current needs. Here is a short list of types of systems we are experienced in:

  • Web Ops — We're experts at making your web application's infrastructure sing.
  • ISP Systems — Email, DNS, Web hosting, and customer care systems.
  • Print and Web Publishing — Content management and work flow systems.
  • PostgreSQL Databases — From designing your table layouts to tuning your database server for optimal performance.

If you do not see your particular needs listed here, contact us!

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