Tidbits | Dec. 31, 2010

2010: A Year in Review

by Frank Wiles |   More posts by Frank

2010 was a great year for RevSys and for Jacob and I, both personally and professionally. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Jacob gave a ton of training classes around the US in cities such as NYC, Boston, Los Angles, and Atlanta. Between his training schedule and speaking engagements he managed to log close to 60,000 miles of travel hitting 31 cities in 4 countries this year. I'd list links to all of Jacob's talks this year, but unfortuantely our webserver doesn't have enough storage for that large of a list! (Ok I'm lying, I'm just lazy and running late for a New Year's Eve party.)
  • We gave a half day tutorial at OSCON on deploying Django.
  • I gave a talk at DjangoCon and we helped sponsor the conference this year. It was also the first time I got to meet Steve Holden
  • We were able to work with some of the best developers other there this year on projects, people such as Malcolm, Danny, Daniel, and Travis. Danny even camped out with us at Chez Revsys for a few months while he taste tested Lawrence.
  • We refreshed our site with the amazing help of Greg Newman and Ed Frazier.
  • Jacob bought a farm. Note: "a farm" not bought the proverbial "farm".
  • I fell in love with some new bits of tech, most notably Redis (thanks to Simon), virtualenv and virtualenvwrapper. Being a consultant and juggling many projects at once the simple 'workon' aspect of virtualenvwrapper alone is enough of a reason to switch from buildout. Tip, it's even great to use on entirely non-Python related projects to create any sort of easily switchable shell environment.

So what's in store for next year? Well we've got a big announcement coming out soon about a project I've been working on for most of 2010. We're helping sponsor PyCon this year, so Jacob and I will be there. I'll also likely be at both the US and EU DjangoCons this year and I'm sure Jacob will be as well (travel/schedule/farming permitting).

Thanks all around to our clients and the wonderful Open Source communities we're lucky to be a part of. 2010 was a great year because of you!

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