Tidbits | Sept. 17, 2009

Django 1.0 Template Development Review

by Frank Wiles |   More posts by Frank

Django 1.0 Template Development by Scott Newman actually surprised me in it's depth of covering the topic.

I assumed it would be written with the absolute Django Template beginner in mind. While it is definitely an appropriate book for beginners, it also covers more advanced topics such as:

  • Writing custom template tags and filters, Chapter 7
  • Covers pagination quite well in Chapter 8
  • Customizing the Django admin's look and feel in Chapter 9
  • And gives a good designer intro to caching in Chapter 10

This book should definitely be required reading for web designers that are looking to use Django. As someone who has read and re-read the wonderful Django Documentation many times this book does a great job of distilling all of that reference knowledge into book form.


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