Tidbits | Jan. 24, 2008

EveryBlock.com is now launched

by Frank Wiles |   More posts by Frank

My friend and former co-worker Adrian Holovaty and his team just launched their new project EveryBlock.com. EveryBlock takes the term hyperlocal to a whole new level. They aggregate tons of public data sources by geo location so you can for example find all of the recent crime around a particular address, neighborhood, zip code, etc. Or maybe you might be interested in the building code violations of where you live or work?

Right now they have San Francisco, Chicago, and New York up and running, but will be adding more cities as time goes on. Adrian asked me to help performance tune their PostgreSQL database a couple of months ago and so far things seem to be humming along nicely.

Here are some links to other blogs talking about EveryBlock.com:

Congrats and the best of luck to EveryBlock! I'm sure we'll see even more new and interesting things from this team in the future!

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