Tidbits | March 22, 2007

Installing Mail::Cclient on RHEL

by Frank Wiles |   More posts by Frank

Ran into a small build problem when trying to install the CPAN module Mail::Cclient on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux system. Figured I would go ahead and document the process in full for others ( and for myself later in life ).

FIrst off you will most likely need to install two RPMs

  • libc-client
  • libc-client-devel

Then you will need to download a distribution of Mail::Cclient, don't even bother trying to install this from the CPAN shell as it won't work.

Unpack your distribution with the normal tar -xvzf Mail-Cclient-x.xx.tar.gz and cd into the directory. You will then, unfortunately, have to edit the Makefile.PL by hand. Specifically you will have to change INC argument to WriteMakefile() to be:

**" INC"    =>   "-I$CCLIENT_DIR -I/usr/include/imap",**

This instructs the build process to look for the shared library in $CCLIENT_DIR and the headers in /usr/include/imap.

Then it is just a matter of calling:

perl Makefile.PL CCLIENT_DIR=/usr/lib
make install

Hope this helps someone else who gets bit by this annoyance.

Turns out that I was grabbing an older version of Mail::Cclient ( version 1.1 specifically ) if you use Mail::Cclient 1.12 then the install process requires a few other RPMs:

  • openssl-devel
  • pam-devl e

And then you install it with:

perl Makefile.PL --cclient_dir=/usr/lib --with-pam --with-cclient-includes=/usr/include/imap/ --with-shared_cclient


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