Tidbits | Oct. 5, 2007

Log Buffer #65: a Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

by Frank Wiles |   More posts by Frank

Welcome to the 65th edition of Log Buffer, the weekly survey of database related blogs.

First let's start with some miscellaneous entries that could be of interest to any DBA. Crazy DBA has an interesting post about how attending conferences helped to grow his professional network, which in turn has made him a better DBA. And Thomas Kyte has a great post about why it's the data, not the application itself, that matters. Brian Aker gives us a great link to a Werner Vogels' entry on Dynamo, one of the key technologies used behind the scenes at Amazon.

Oracle users will certainly find these two links of interest. First off, Frederik Visser shows you how to play with Oracle 11g RAC in VMWare. And Alex Gorbachev has a nice write up about Miracle Open World.

SQL Server DBAs might enjoy the following posts. If you're thinking about using or upgrading to Idera SQLsafe v4.5, you'll want to check out Sean McCown's post about some of that product's issues. Steve Jones has some thoughts on monitoring and alerting with your SQL Server, but are valid for any database. Need to know when your SQL Server instance was started? Check out Joe Webb's tip on how to find out. And Mladen Prajdić has some advice on how to notify a client in a long running process with SQL Server.

MySQL users will find this post on accurately measuring how far behind your slave is lagging. Over at the MySQL Performance Blog there is an opportunity to ask questions of Heikki Tuuri, the creator of InnoDB, and Peter has some thoughts on a few serious bugs in the MySQL 5.0 release. Kaj Arnö has an interesting post on how MySQL GmbH and MySQL AB help birds of a feather to flock together, quite literally and about how they have opened up the call for papers for the 2008 MySQL Users Conference.

Kevin Burton talks about how to avoid swapping insanity with InnoDB. Want a free MySQL Magazine? Lewis Cunningham has found one for us all. Jan Kneschke introduces us to the Wormhole storage engine for MySQL. Not really sure how useful it is, but it is definitely interesting.

Hubert Lubaczewski has written a great tool to help you determine the optimal layout of tables, indexes, etc. on your various tablespaces for PostgreSQL. Robert Treat follows up with some additional thoughts to consider.

Joshua Drake has announced the speakers and topics for the PostgreSQL Conference Fall 2007, which is October 20th 2007 at Portland State University. Greg Sabino Mullane has a nice explanation of why you can't used prepared queries when using DBD::Pg and pg_bouncer. And to finish our this week's links, Francisco Figueiredo Jr mentions that PostgreSQL will have a UUID data type in version 8.3.



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