Tidbits | Jan. 16, 2007

Plat_forms Web Framework Contest

by Frank Wiles |   More posts by Frank

As some of you may have heard, along with some help from the German Perl Workshop Revolution Systems is sponsoring a team for the upcoming Plat_forms Web Development Platform Comparison.

I will be blogging about the trip and contest here and my team member Phil Crow will be also over at use.perl.org.

Personally, I think the results of this contest are going to be facinating. We'll finally have some in depth analysis of some of the more popular technologies in as close to a real world scenario as you can create artificially.

My only worry is that the results will be dismissed by the community at large due to the lack of Python, Ruby, and .NET being involved in the contest. I'm not sure, but I bet the fact that it is in Germany ( and in the middle of winter no less ) is part of it!

We're obviously a Perl team, but here is a list of the technologies we'll be using during the contest:


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