Tidbits | Feb. 16, 2006

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I remember back when I first got into computers reading John C. Dvorak's columns in PC Magazine. But seriously, has this guy lost his mind or what? In a recent opinion piece he posits that Apple has been secretly moving towards adopting Windows in favor of OS X. Maybe I keep missing it, but I'm still waiting for this guy to be right about something.

He goes on to bring Linux on the desktop into the mix saying " Linux on the desktop never caught on because too many devices don't run on that OS.". First off, I think it's safe to say that Linux on the Desktop is far from "done", so it's.... I dunno... several years too early to say it "never caught" on. Hasn't caught on yet, sure.

No one disagrees that, especially in the early days, getting random hardware to run on Linux was difficult at best. But those days are gone. It used to be "I need a X that runs on Linux" and now it's closer to "Are there any Xs that don't run on Linux?". And just in case Mr. Dvorak ends up reading this, "John, all three of my different DVD burners work just fine on my Linux desktops, just plugged them in and started burning. Thanks for your concern!".

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