President & Founder

Frank Wiles

Frank Wiles believes technology should make our lives easier, not more complicated. He started Revolution Systems to help businesses take full advantage of all the benefits of the Open Source Software revolution. His experience has made him the go-to source for building applications, systems, and processes that show how software can be easy, robust and affordable.

Career Highlights

  • Is currently the President of the Board of the Django Software Foundation
  • Has published technical articles in places like SysAdmin Magazine,, Linux Pro Magazine, and various other publications, on topics such as systems administration, Django, Python, PostgreSQL, mail filtering with milter, mod_perl 2.0, and large scale E-mail and Web systems.
  • His technical articles have appeared on the front pages of sites such as HackerNews, Slashdot, Digg, and Reddit.
  • Frank has spoken on different aspects of Open Source technology at OSCON, PyCon, DjangoCon, Kansas Linux Fest, Boston Python User Group, PhillyPUG, Linux User Groups, ACM Chapter meetings, the CableLabs Small Market Conference, and the 5th Annual Southern California Linux Expo in 2007. View Frank's technical talks.
  • Co-authored the book Instant Perl Modules
  • 18+ years of enterprise level experience with Linux, Python, Apache, PostgreSQL, DNS and many other Open Source technologies.
  • Was honored to be invited to ORD Camp three different years, which was and continues to be an amazing learning experience. Was invited to put together a top notch team of Perl developers for the 2007 Plat_forms Web framework contest help in Germany.
  • RHCE and LPI Level II certified. Joined the board of Headquarters Counseling Center in 2014.
  • Member of the Steering Committee of TEDxLawrence

Frank's Recent Posts

Keeping Django Models Ordered

How to smartly keep a set of Django ORM objects in order for drag-n-drop like situations.

pytest support for django-test-plus

django-test-plus has long been a useful helper library with Django. Now we've added some simple pytest fixture support to make it even more useful!

Testing import file mismatch

Ran into a weird error with coverage, pytest, and Travis today and wanted to document an easy fix when you get a 'import file mistmatch' error from pip packages you do not control.