Jacob Kaplan-Moss

Grove isn't dead, it's only resting

The news is out: we acquired Grove today, and we're taking over operations immediately.

We think Grove is an incredibly cool tool: it's ...

Frank Wiles

Three things you should never put in your database

As I've said in a few talks, the best way to improve your systems is by first not doing "dumb things". I don't ...

Frank Wiles

PEP712 - Proposal to make unittest2 more accurate

Title:Proposal to make unittest2 more accurate
Last-Modified:2011-10-20T14:40:01.661119 (Thu, 20 Oct 2011)
Authors:Frank Wiles <frank@revsys ...

Frank Wiles

longjmp() 2011 - Impromptu Party

Lawrence has been having a bunch of downtown block parties lately, which are always great fun. The last couple of days the Kansas Relays have ...

Frank Wiles

We're hiring!

UPDATE: I completely forgot to update this post until now, but we have filled this position.

We're looking for a full time developer. If ...

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