Python Code Reviews

Get a thorough review of your team's code by one of our Python experts.

What you don't know can hurt you — let us make suggestions that will improve your code quality and the speed at which you develop.

Code Review Benefits

You and your team are busy pushing your application forward and don't always have the time for thorough review. We can give you a fresh perspective on your code and provide you with actionable suggestions to improve.

  • Learn new best practices
  • Get exposed to new libraries to improve productivity
  • Find new techniques for solving problems
  • Improve code clarity and long-term maintainability
  • Get expert advice without breaking your budget

Beyond PEP8

We go way beyond just checking that your code follows PEP8 style standards. You have linters for that. We dive into your codebase as if we were going to be working on it ourselves. We will advise you on:

REVSYS Code Review

  • Improve Python maintainability
  • Work smarter, not harder
  • Test more easily
  • Utilize best practices
  • Expert level help on a budget: starting at $5k

Forest and Trees

We'll provide you with a detailed report of actionable steps to improve your code quality and maintainability, broken down by effort and value. We will identify areas where you can improve with the least effort and goals you can work toward over a longer time scale.

Our report will show you the big picture of your forest and the spots on that one tree (you know, the one third from the right).

Costs and Value

Code reviews start at $5,000.00 USD. We've found that most codebases can be given a solid (but not 100% comprehensive) review with that budget. Larger and more complex codebases may be a bit more.

The cost will never surprise you. We will give you a firm estimate before beginning and will not deviate from it. We'll let you know how deep we can go with how much time.

When can we start? Most of the time, we can complete your code reviews in less than a week.

What we need from you

In order to provide a great code review, we need:

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