Tidbits | March 5, 2009

Welcome Jacob Kaplan-Moss

by Frank Wiles |   More posts by Frank

I'm very pleased to announce that Jacob Kaplan-Moss has joined Revolution Systems to head up a new line of services around the ever growing Django web development framework. First up are commercial Django Support Plans, but look for more Django related offerings in the near future.

Jacob has been a good friend of mine since before Django was even released. It was a pleasure to work with him at our previous day jobs and I'm very excited for the future ahead. Not only is he obviously an authority on Django, he 's an amazing developer and generally an expert on all things tech. Jacob and Adrian are both great examples of how to lead an Open Source project and grow a real community around it.

By offering Django Support packages we hope to help adoption of Django in the business world, which helps grow the community at large.

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