Talks by Jacob

Talks Jacob has given at conferences, user group meetups, and other venues.


The Other Hard Problem: Lessons and Advice on Naming Things

In this talk, I'll review what has been written in the last few decades on nomenclature, go over the easy parts of right or wrong as defined in PEP8 and other style guidelines, and finally suggest some patterns and anti-patterns found in in today's Django and open source environment for us to adopt (or avoid!) in our everyday naming of variables, libraries and other "things".


Django minus Django

Jacob Burch and Jacob Kaplan-Moss teamed up to discuss how to remove or replace aspects of Django that you don't like. Which are easy to do and which are harder. Topics include replacing Django templates with jinja2, replacing the ORM, etc. Given at the very beautiful venue Île des Embiez - France for DjangoCon EU 2014.


Having Your Pony and Committing It Too

Jacob Burch's wildly popular talk on contributing to Django. Breaking all the rules on talks he goes from idea, to code, to contribution while haggling with core contributors in the audience live! Highly recommended.


A Gringo's Guide to Internationalization

Coming from a speaker who escaped a notion to "why would we need to translate?" this talk aims to show what actually goes into translating a website or app using Django's Internationalization tools. Covered will be an overview of batteries included, best practices and anti-patterns in using them, and some third party tools to help make your life escaping the myth of a Lingua Franca easier.

Cache Rules Everything Around Me

Jacob Burch also gave this popular talk again at PyCon 2012 in Santa Clara.


Cache rules everything around me

This talk aims to briefly introduce the core concepts of caching and covers the best practices of using Django's cache backend. "Are you caching?" is a question asked early on in any yarn on web scaling advice. These conversations are much better steered by asking a more open and difficult questions "What is your caching strategy?" and “How are you implementing it?” This talk aims to briefly introduce the core concepts of caching and quickly moves to cover the best practices of using Django’s cache backend. We will let the audience know what the important questions to ask are, give them advice on how to implement the right answers, and when even the built-in core backend isn’t enough, point them to more advanced techniques and the right third party tools.


NoSQL and Django Panel

A panel to discuss the future of no-sql/non-related databases in Django.