Flavio Curella

Check This Out - Using Private Packages in Python

With companies moving to microservices, it's becoming common to have a system scattered across multiple repositories. It's frequent to abstract common patterns and code into private repositories that are then included in each service. But using packages from private repos with Python can be tricky. This guide will guide you through the necessary steps.

Lacey Henschel

Today I Learned - Docker: Useful Command Line Stuff

Let’s talk about what it’s like to actually use Docker in your day-to-day.

Lacey Henschel

Today I Learned - A Brief Intro to Docker for Djangonauts

Lacey didn't have the opportunity to work with Docker at her last job. In this tidbit she steps you through getting started with Docker for Django developers.

Frank Wiles

Check This Out - Optimized Python

Smaller and faster Python 3.6.x images for you to take advantage of.

Frank Wiles

Pro-Tip - Python 3 run command over SSH

Sometimes you just need to run a command on a remote host with ssh and Python 3 without any real fuss. Here is the simplest way we have found to do that and retrieve the output. 

Frank Wiles

Pro-Tip - Python: atexit

Python's atexit handler is one of those things people should use more often.  Some developers aren't even aware that it exists and that makes me sad. 

Stephen Spencer

Today I Learned - The Vagary of AWS Availability Zones

What are Amazon availability zones anyway?

Frank Wiles

Pro-Tip - Python 12-factor apps with envparse

Getting your configuration from the system environment for your Python and/or Django apps is often the best way to provide security and flexibility. envparse makes it easy. 

Flavio Curella

Pro-Tip - reverse()'s soulmate resolve()

Have a URL but can't figure out what view it is supposed to use? Use resolve() to easily and quickly determine it just as Django does.

Jeff Triplett

Pro-Tip - Extend Django Templates Smartly

You can use a variable to set the name of the template you are extending when using Django templates.

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