Frank Wiles

RevSys Roundup - March 2015

March 2015 update on happenings around Revolution Systems including our new team member Stephen Spencer

Frank Wiles

Loading Django FileField and ImageFields from the file system

How to load files into Django models, not via a file upload, but from a script or Python shell.

Frank Wiles

Recommended Django Project Layout

Our recommendation for the optimal Django project layout for your files, settings, and templates.

Frank Wiles

Upgrade salt-master and minions on Ubuntu servers

Quickly, safely and easily upgrade SaltStack entirely from your Salt master

Frank Wiles

Ultimate Front End Development Setup

A quick howto guide on setting up modern front-end development tools to improve your day to day work flow using Gulp and Livereload

Frank Wiles

Python Dev Tip: DRY your shell with PYTHONSTARTUP

Simple way to use virtaualenvwrapper's postactivate and deactivate hooks to execute arbitrary Python code for any of your Python shells while working on that project.

Frank Wiles

Django Debugging Bookmarklet Trick

A little bookmarklet that redirects you from the current page to the same path on http://localhost:8000/. Helpful when debugging Django.

Frank Wiles

Setting up Mailgun with SaltStack

How to easily configure email relaying for Ubuntu servers with Mailgun, SaltStack, and Postfix

Frank Wiles

$90 million is that the best we can do?

Government contracts are broken and make it less likely smart tech companies will even participate.

Jacob Kaplan-Moss

Grove isn't dead, it's only resting

Grove isn't dead, it's only resting. We've acquired Grove!

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