Frank Wiles

Check This Out - Optimized Python

Smaller and faster Python 3.6.x images for you to take advantage of.

Frank Wiles

Pro-Tip - Python 3 run command over SSH

Sometimes you just need to run a command on a remote host with ssh and Python 3 without any real fuss. Here is the simplest way we have found to do that and retrieve the output. 

Frank Wiles

Pro-Tip - Python: atexit

Python's atexit handler is one of those things people should use more often.  Some developers aren't even aware that it exists and that makes me sad. 

Stephen Spencer

Today I Learned - The Vagary of AWS Availability Zones

What are Amazon availability zones anyway?

Frank Wiles

Pro-Tip - Python 12-factor apps with envparse

Getting your configuration from the system environment for your Python and/or Django apps is often the best way to provide security and flexibility. envparse makes it easy. 

Flavio Curella

Pro-Tip - reverse()'s soulmate resolve()

Have a URL but can't figure out what view it is supposed to use? Use resolve() to easily and quickly determine it just as Django does.

Jeff Triplett

Pro-Tip - Extend Django Templates Smartly

You can use a variable to set the name of the template you are extending when using Django templates.

Frank Wiles

Django Birthday: Recap

Our recap of the Django's 10th Birthday Party

Frank Wiles

Django Birthday Party

Django is turning 10 years old this summer and we're throwing it a birthday party in the city where it was born.

Frank Wiles

Improved Django Tests

Improve your Django Tests using django-test-plus' helpful additions to the standard Django TestCase

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